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Your Spiritial Heart: Access the wisdom that manifests your heart's desires.

Your Spiritual Heart - by David McArthur - 3D book coverYour Spiritual Heart

Access the wisdom that manifests your heart’s desires.

By David McArthur


In your hands is the access code to the highest levels of wisdom within you. That wisdom is deeply practical and makes a difference in your life in minutes. Your Spiritual Heart contains a powerful technique to access that wisdom based on the world-renowned Institute of HeartMath’s scientific breakthroughs.


If you are frustrated because you can’t:

  • Get the right job
  • Your career is stalled
  • You haven’t broken out of financial struggle

Your spiritual heart has the wisdom to help you find and fulfill those heart’s desires.


If the loving relationship your heart desires:

  • Has not come into your life:
  • Or the relationships you have are strained
  • Or the relationships you have are becoming hurtful
  • Or the relationships you have are unfulfilling

Your spiritual heart’s wisdom will guide you to the fulfillment of your heart’s deepest desires.

Your Spiritual Heart contains the stories, the science and the technique to access the amazing wisdom of your spiritual self. It will invite you into experiencing your own spiritual heart, its power and its wisdom.


Your Heart Has the Power

Your spiritual heart has the power to end your stress in a moment. (Is it ok to be stress free?) It has the insights to meet and triumph over any challenge before you. Spiritual understanding and enlightenment are gifts of your spiritual heart. This book is an invitation to live at a whole new level of resilience, fulfillment and spiritual awareness. You can experience what it is like to step into humankind’s greatest potential — heart-centered living.


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David McArthur’s beautiful book shares his discovery of the spiritual heart and the heart’s innate intelligence.  From his own experiences, David shows you how to access your heart’s wisdom, whatever your challenges may be.
~ Deborah Rozman

CEO HeartMath Inc., HeartMath Inc.

This book has given me the tools to gain access to my Higher Self whenever I need guidance and wisdom. The author’s insights and wisdom is a true gift to anyone who picks up this book.
~ Linda J. Curry

Best-selling author, Pebbles of Gold

David McArthur tells us about the importance of the spiritual heart and how activating it can serve us to induce insight, gain perspective, practice deep compassion and inspire us to act from our highest values.  A must have companion for the awakening soul.
~ Reverend Evelyn Foreman, M.Div.

Author of "Power of Purpose"

David McArthur

About the Author

David McArthur - AuthorDavid McArthur’s passion for understanding human transformation has taken him on this powerful path into the discovery of the spiritual heart. As an attorney his passion to help others took him into social service as an Assistant Attorney General in New Mexico. David was working with environmental and consumer issues. His recognition of the power of the spiritual took him into spiritual study and ministry. He explored many spiritual and religious paths and their understandings of the heart, of love and of wisdom where so many of them connected. He has worked as a minister and teacher with individuals and groups of people in personal transformation for over thirty-five years.


Working with HeartMath®

Seeking the scientific principles of transformation drew him to the Institute of HeartMath®. He served on the staff at HeartMath for seven years including roles as a principle speaker and trainer as well as a director of their empowerment and religions divisions. There he discovered that through the spiritual heart one’s desire for a better life fully manifest. The spiritual heart’s wisdom becomes practical moment-by-moment transformation applied wisely in every day life.

Twenty years after he co-authored The Intelligent Heart with its revelation of heart intelligence, he shares with us the source of that wisdom. He shares that source in a way that the reader can experience it. He has proven this source and its power in his own life and witnessed its transformation in the many thousands of people he has trained. From a lifetime of seeking comes a scientifically tested, spiritually powered guide to accessing your deepest wisdom and living a heart-centered life.

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