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Accessing Wisdom — introducing our team and how we support you in accessing your wisdom.

What we do

Here at Accessing Wisdom, we use science, spiritual knowledge, intuition, stories and compassion to support you in becoming skilled in accessing your wisdom. We share our discoveries through books, scientific devices to measure change, gatherings, coaching, trainings, retreats, plus messages of hope and encouragement as you make that wisdom active in your life.

Our Team

These are the members of our team who serve as coaches and teachers of this wonderful knowledge. Each one is licensed by The HeartMath® Institute to teach their groundbreaking skills. In addition they are each skilled in ‘The Heart Wisdom’ tool, which I reveal in Your Spiritual Heart. There are also a number of talented people not listed here who are available as coaches and trainers through Accessing Wisdom to help you connect with your own profound wisdom.

David McArthur

David McArthur with hand over heartI have spent the last forty years of my life exploring the secrets of human transformation. That search took me to a deep examination of our hearts and the discovery of our spiritual hearts — the source of our deepest wisdom. It is my pleasure to share this profound connection with you.

Here at Accessing Wisdom I am joined by a team of wonderful people, including three generations of my own family, who share my passion to help others overcome their stress, anxiety and frustrations as they build radiant resilience in their lives. It is time to enjoy the resilience, abundance, joy and peace of heart-centered living.

I’ve shared on our book page a little bit about my background and my search for that amazing connection that takes us into our deepest wisdom. My search started from a life altering experience I write about in Your Spiritual Heart. It took me though social service in my legal career and into extensive spiritual study and service in my ministerial career.

When I came across HeartMath’s research and techniques, I found several powerful keys to our deepest wisdom. Because of their research, they developed techniques that accessed that wisdom in minutes, rather than through life-style changes or extended spiritual processes.

It made sense to me that if that wisdom was available, it had to be quickly accessible in the midst of life’s challenges where it could make a difference. What we share with you is the answer to that quest. It has worked powerfully for each of us. I know it can do the same for you.


Peter McArthur

Peter McArthur - ActorPeter is a professional actor whose passion for living life at its fullness has taken him into the deep experience and skill of working with the transforming power of the spiritual heart. He has been working intentionally with the HeartMath skills since his first studies with the Institute almost twenty years ago.

Peter works primarily with actors, other artists and people in the entertainment industry to release the stress that is endemic to the artistic professions so they can develop their resilience and express the full potential of their creativity and maximize their careers. He understands the stress of the young professional and has extensive experience with the highly effective HeartMath techniques and the Heart Wisdom Tool that remove the pressure, anxiety and overwhelm of today’s artistic and professional world creating joy and fulfillment as real outcomes.


Amy Clemans

Amy Clemans - Licensed AcupuncturistAmy Clemans is a Licensed Acupuncturist with a practice in Tucson Arizona. In addition to her acupuncture practice Amy brings a professional background in dance, movement and physical fitness. She has experienced first hand the tremendous difference these wisdom techniques have made in her life as the mother of a child with autism. She knows that the quality of time and attention that a parent gives to the child makes a huge difference in the experience of the child, the siblings, the extended family and the parent’s own peace and well-being. Parenting healthy children is stressful. Parenting in today’s demanding world is even more so, and parenting a child with autism is for many people overwhelming.

Having proven the transformative power of the spiritual heart in her own life, Amy is helping other parents, people with health challenges and young professionals to use the heart tools to restore the fun, bring the inner peace and enhance the quality of their lives moment by moment. Having faced the challenges of autism, divorce, single parenting and career she has used these tools to create success and find joy again in her heart. She knows what really works and can help you learn and apply it successfully in your life.

Toni Roberts

Toni RobertsToni is deeply skilled in the understanding of the physical heart’s transformation and the wisdom of the spiritual heart. She has been training and supporting people in accessing their deeper wisdom for over twenty years. Her classes on the heart’s wisdom are always filled to capacity. Toni teaches people both in her capacity as a part of the Accessing Wisdom Team and a current staff member at HeartMath.

David McArthur says of Toni, “She has coached more people in the HeartMath techniques than anyone I know of. For years she has helped people find their deepest wisdom and provided the deeply intuitive support that changes lives. Toni has taught with me and for me. I always know the wisdom of her spiritual heart touches people at depth.”


Sue Clemans

Sue Clemans

Sue Clemans is a registered nurse and nursing instructor. She has worked with the HeartMath system for more than 15 years.

Sue’s passion, that has inspired her to share her skill and knowledge of how to transform the experience of stress into resilience, comes from both her professional and family experience. Sue, along her daughter, Amy, work with supporting Amy’s daughter Meghan meet the challenges of Autism. While there are many kinds of support in dealing with autism, the greatest support that the family, parents and grandparents can receive is the knowledge of how to remove the stress experience from their lives freeing them to give the care necessary for all the members of the family to thrive. She has helped multiple generations discover the wisdom of their hearts as they released the stress of change to deal effectively with the uncertainty and demands of their lives.


Sue and I are twins. Amy and Peter are our children respectively. Our parents, Charlotte and Bruce McArthur, were committed to this same search. They learned and applied the powerful tools we share with you. You will find earlier understandings along that path of discovery in Bruce McArthur’s book Your Life, Why It Is The Way It Is And What You Can Do About It and The Intelligent Heart co-authored by David and Bruce. This connection to your deepest wisdom is a gift from our three generations committed to supporting our fellow humans in living life wisely and with the deep fulfillment that comes from making a difference in our world.

HeartMath logo - Accessing Wisdom

Through out my life I explored the causes of human transformation to find what was really effective. What I found when I came across the HeartMath Institute was a simple, science based set of skills and knowledge that worked for everyone. It was far and away the most effective I had seen. After some twenty years of continuing my search beyond HeartMath, their techniques are still the most effective and accessible set of tools and knowledge in personal transformation I have found.

In my coaching and in the workshops I do across North and Central America, their discoveries and tools are at the core of my presentations. I have chosen to focus on one powerful and life transforming aspect of their discoveries. That is the access through our spiritual hearts to our deepest wisdom. Once you have that skill, all else follows with ease. For more information about HeartMath go to www.heartmath.org.

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