Guest Post from Anastacia Jayet

“Accessing Wisdom is pleased to share with you the insightful understandings that have unfolded for Anastacia Jayet, Author of Shattered Into Being. Her book and writings capture her journey into a wonderful deep knowledge and self understanding that we have found inspiring.”


Shattered into becoming who you are

Shattered into becoming who you are; your true self. The container is broken, not a piece remains whole. Broken upon the Earth, the foundation that holds you. This is becoming; coming into being. No past, no future, no hope and nothing to forgive.

All that exists is the moment; the formless coming into form. All has been released, no container can hold the unlimited space to become. There remains only blackness and ice cold space. Potential waiting for the warmth of morning light. The dawn of a new beginning transforming.

There is no limit to the times required to be shattered into being. It could be a thousand or one. The intensity does not matter, only the potential and what is created matters. Each cycle of growth is necessary for the process. Each day a new opportunity for becoming the true self. There is no past and nothing to forgive remains, a new dawn forms.

The self is not the memories, the experiences or the relationships. The self is shaped by these, but is not of these. The self is without limit, an observer and the creator; the conscious awareness of All. It can never be lost. The breaking of form, the old habits and ways of doing destroyed, releasing the full expansion and potential for expression.

Expression of Love

All that remains in the cold is love. It is the Source of the vessel; that which can hold without limit. A peace that makes everything whole, in harmony with form. No control is required to maintain the shape it is formed from the inside out. Shattered now whole in the expression of love.

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