I have always imagined myself to be one of those people who sought to connect with deeper wisdom just to be a wise person. Unfortunately, that is really not the way I usually fiction. I’ve found I seek wisdom when I am in one of those hard or painful life situations that comes along to all our lives. When I’m feeling desperate, not knowing what to do, then I want a clear wise direction that lets me solve the challenge before me.

I had an experience that made me aware that there is within us an amazing level of wisdom that has the capacity to guide us though any situation. I know that because in that experience, when I was in my twenties, I was in deep emotional pain as a result of my wife’s death. I felt anguish, loss and conflict in my need to do a good job as a father for my baby daughter, little eleven month old Lisa. I wasn’t functioning well at all. I felt I was failing this little baby in her time of greatest need.

In that situation I found (perhaps stumbled upon would be more accurate description) the presence of an amazing wisdom within myself. It took me successfully though that very painful time and helped me step up to be a good father who could give baby Lisa the love and care she needed.

That started my search to discover how we can access that level of wisdom when we need it. After many years spent exploring a wide variety of practices, I came across the techniques of the Institute of HeartMath®. Their research demonstrated that we can regularly reach a level of wisdom within ourselves from which we are capable of handling our challenges successfully. I had the opportunity to try their techniques one day when I was again in one of those situations where nothing was working right. If I didn’t find a way to handle the problem before me, it would cost me dearly in my career and make life difficult for the people I worked with. I sat down and followed the steps of the technique that HeartMath had taught me.

I started by touching my heart and breathing through my heart. In several more steps I felt a clear change in my body, and suddenly, I was not stressed. I was feeling good. I went through two more of their internal steps. A moment later I was surprised and grateful because I know what to do about he problem. Wow – their stuff worked! I was able to get the wisdom I needed from within myself quickly. It was clear to me that the solution that came to my awareness would work. The whole process took me about two minutes.  I had my answer and I now felt good too.

Most of us come to our need for a deeper level of wisdom just as I so often have. We discover that the knowledge or intelligence we are using isn’t helping us in that moment. Things just aren’t working. We are stuck. We really want to know how to deal with the lack of money, work, success, love, health or whatever our personal problem is. We suddenly want that wisdom that tells us how to handle our challenge with ease instead of struggle or with peace instead of anguish.

Because people really need this simple but very effective way of accessing their wisdom, I share all the steps to get to that wisdom in my book, Your Spiritual Heart. It reveals an access code that gives us entry to this amazing quality of wisdom within. If it works for me, I’m sure it will work for you to as it has for thousands of people.

It begins with a very simple and most meaningful step. Touch your heart. That’s the first step. Touch your heart. As you touch your heart breathe slowly and deeply pretending you are breathing though your heart. That is where the shift to a greater level of inner perception starts. Even if you don’t take the next steps, you will find a different perception already starting to change how you are looking at the world around you. Whenever you are worried, it’s a great place to start. Touch your heart and breathe. The change to a greater wisdom has already started.