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HeartMath logo - Accessing WisdomAt the core of Accessing Wisdom’s work are the scientific discoveries and techniques from the world-renowned Institute of HeartMath®. HeartMath’s researchers discovered the central role of the heart in physical, mental, and emotional transformation. David McArthur and his team have been deeply involved in HeartMath’s commitment to bring this amazing knowledge into practical application in people’s daily lives. All Accessing Wisdom’s trainers and coaches are certified or licensed by HeartMath.

David McArthur is one of the only trainers, outside of the Heartmath staff, authorized to present the entire set of discoveries and techniques presented in The HeartMath Solution, by Doc Childre and Howard Martin. These techniques empower the learner to stop the experience of stress within a few moments, access deep wisdom, develop intuitive connection in one’s communications and reenergize and enervate the body. They access the unique domain of intelligence that HeartMath calls ‘heart intelligence.’

Personal Wisdom Coaching

Personal Wisdom Coaching - Access Wisdom

Personal wisdom coaching is the quickest and most effective way to learn the powerful techniques that connect you with your own deepest wisdom. In a few phone or Skype sessions you will learn The ‘Heart Wisdom Tool’ as well as HeartMath’s core scientific discoveries. Subsequent sessions add proven ways to stop stress in the moment and to enhance your resilience. Through this learning experience the wisdom techniques are applied to the challenges that exist in your own life.

If you are interested in Coaching with David McArthur, or one of the excellent coaches on his Accessing Wisdom team, call 925-457-1068 to see if your intentions and Accessing Wisdom’s techniques can support you in meeting your life’s challenges successfully.


Workshops - Accessing WisdomThe accessing wisdom team provides training to organizations so their people can learn the amazing skills used to access one’s wisdom. Some workshops focus exclusively on the discoveries and techniques of the Institute of HeartMath. Others focus on the understandings of the spiritual nature of our deeper wisdom as described in Your Spiritual Heart.

David McArthur, Accessing Wisdom’s primary trainer, has brought these life transforming skills to many thousand’s of people. The response is consistently, ‘Thank you. This has made a major difference in my life.’ Call us [925-457-1068] and we can explore together your organization’s goals and how our programs might fulfill those.


Keynote Presentations

David McArthur Keynote PresentationsDavid McArthur provides dynamic presentations highlighting the amazing discoveries about the heart as a source of power and wisdom. These transformative understandings have inspired conferences, conventions, church, community and non-profit groups throughout North America. The presentations are fun, highly informative and the practical take home value is exceptional.



Online learning

Online Learning - Accessing Wisdom - Feelancer working with laptop in winterSelect webinars and web based learning opportunities give those wanting a greater understanding of their spiritual hearts and how to connect with their wisdom the opportunity to learn at their leisure. Watch our newsletter for these special opportunities.